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Water Intrusions and Roof Repairs

picture of chimney repairs

Rebuilding chimney due to multiple water intrusions; all siding and flashing replaced.

Water Intrusions and Roof Repairs

Detecting Multiple Water Intrusions

It is not uncommon to experience multiple water intrusions.  We recently repaired a chimney which had  6 separate areas where water was intruding from, we stopped our water testing after we discovered the 6 leak; at that point, complete chimney repair was required.

In order to determine the location of the water leaks we used a combination of various types of moisture detection equipment. We used non-invasive & invasive moisture meters; infrared thermography and finally direct water testing in a controlled manor.

Sometimes it is more cost effective to perform water intrusion testing rather then guessing at the location of the water intrusion(s) and performing repairs hoping to fix the problem.

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