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Air Sampling, How Does It Work?

How Does Air Sampling Work? Check Out This Condominium in Atlanta

How does Air Sampling work? and should I have air sampling done? This article discusses the how’s and why’s. Why air sampling?  Shouldn’t I just be able to “smell” if there is mold in my home?  I am not sneezing so how can there be mold in my condominium?

Those are some common misconceptions when it comes to mold detection.  Just because you cannot smell a musty odor, that does not mean that there is not mold in the air and/or in the structure of your home.

Recently we posted about this topic with the blog entitled: Does a Musty Odor Indicate I have a mold problem?  For some more scientific thoughts on this topic we recommend you check on that post.  In summary you do no want to try and figure this out on your own. Mold is dangerous.  In a future post we will be discussing these dangers.

Air sampling is one of the best tools to be able to determine if you have mold in your home. It is part of a comprehensive approach that Violet Frog takes to mold remediation.

On one of our recent jobs in Atlanta we were contracted to provide air sampling for a very high end condominium. This really goes to show you that mold is not just a basement problem or a roof leak problem. Mold can grow anywhere at anytime.  In order to keep you healthy and to keep you smiling, make sure your home is free of mold. Contact a reliable, ethical,  professional with at least 5 years of mold testing experience. There are people claiming to be “mold experts” who are far from that description – so ask lots of technical questions and notice how they respond to your questions. Do they struggle with the answers? Do they seem unsure of their answers? Ask them about their experience & training before you hire them.