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Can Black Mold in My House Make Me Sick?

A home owner in Roswell Georgia told me that she recently had black mold removal work performed in her basement. The owner was concerned about her health. She wondered if her health conditions might be related to toxic black mold exposure. Her question was: “Can black mold in my house still be making me sick?”

This question is actually has two parts. The first part of her question is really a medical question, “Could I be sick from toxic mold exposure ?” The answer is YES, toxic mold can make you sick. However, you should consult a competent medical health professional to determine if you are in fact suffering adverse health conditions as a result of toxic mold exposure. A person can have mold mycotoxins build up in their system, be very ill and require detoxification protocols. Even after mold has been removed from their environment.

The second part of her question is whether or not her home is still contaminated with toxic mold. The only way to determine if a home is infested with toxic mold is to perform a competent on-site mold assessment which includes laboratory testing and analysis. Visual mold inspections are an unreliable method to ascertain the microbial condition of any property. There may be widespread mold proliferation within a structure yet there be minimal mold colonization. However in order to “see” mold with the naked eye the mold needs to be colonized and it is possible that mold colonies maybe located within concealed floor and wall cavities. There are also numerous conditions which mimic the appearance of toxic mold including but not limited to “lumber yard wood rot ” etc. Having a competent ethical professional perform mold testing is the most cost-effective way to  determine the actual condition of your property and ensure you’re choosing the appropriate level service for you needs.

Free Mold Inspections

Companies that offer “free mold inspections” should be treated with a certain level of skepticism. Asking a person to maintain unbiased objectivity when their compensation is at stake is asking for a lot. Paying for professional objectivity typically is the best and most cost-effective strategy to minimize unnecessary remediation costs. The importance of finding an ethical & competent mold inspector cannot be over emphasized.  Quality oriented  mold inspectors will use accredited laboratories to perform their mold analysis.

Having an “Accredited Laboratory” perform your mold analysis is a good investment. “Accredited” means the laboratory has been evaluated by an independent 3rd party accreditation service to verify that certain testing standards are met. Less than 8% of laboratories nationally in the United States including Atlanta Georgia are accredited.


Do not take chances when it comes to black mold in your house.  Be very wary of companies that advertise “free mold inspections”.  Your health and the health of those you love is much more important than saving a few dollars.

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