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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You have Mold in Your House Roswell

professional house mold remediation contractor

How To Know If You Have House Mold The first step is to perform a competent house mold assessment: Determining IF you have house mold is the first step; and if there is a problem, what is the extent of it. This may sound easier than it actually is because:

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I think I have a mold problem in my house. What should I do?

I think I have a mold problem in my house What should I do Violet Frog Roswell Alpharetta

There are a number of different aspects that are important to understand about mold, and how mold grows in indoor environments. Understanding the characteristics about mold will help you develop a effective strategy to combat it Mold spores are too small to be seen by the naked eye. Only when mold grows in significant quantities…

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Can I Use Chlorine for Mold Abatement?

Can I Use Chlorine for Mold Abatement

Can I use Chlorine Dioxide for Mold Abatement? Chlorine dioxide mold abatement is a method of mold removal that many people have used in their homes and office buildings. Chlorine dioxide is a registered chemical for use in sanitizing manufacturing and laboratory equipment. It helps in mold abatement and removal by killing all the bacteria…

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What Are the Steps of Mold Remediation?

ACAC certification CMRS 2019 Treatment for Mold Remediation Alpharetta Roswell

What steps of Mold Remediation are necessary to remove the mold in your home? Mold isn’t an issue you can kick down the road if you care about the health of the resident. Lungs, allergies and the immune system all take a hit daily when living in a home with mold. Step One: You really…

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