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General Guidelines Regarding Mold Remediation Work

Insurance companies issuing million-dollar insurance policies perform due diligence and research and investigate people making claims. They also investigate the contractor. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a contractor who isn’t prepared to do business. 

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Water Intrusion in Crawlspace – A Customer’s Perspective

Water Intrusion Commercial Customer Comment:

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Water Intrusion Repairs – A Customer’s Perspective

Water intrusion can quickly escalate mold growth.  Without the correct tools and professional approach a water intrusion can turn into a major nightmare.  Residential customers are not typically prepared for a water intrusion emergency.  Even if you are prepared there are times when the problem is so big you just do not have the right…

Water intrusion ceiling stain

Roofing Water Intrusions Can Lead to Microbial Issues

  I had mold on the upstairs bedroom ceiling and thought that I needed a new roof. After Tom’s inspection, it turned out that I only needed

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Removing Mold and Bad Odors

Just Say No to Bad Odors Bad odors and musty odors raise a red flag no matter what.  Masking them with other chemical or air fresheners will not eliminate the main problem especially is it is mold related.  See a customer’s comments below on how Violet Frog was there to help. I kept smelling a…

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Mold Testing – A Customer’s Perspective

  Violet Frog (formerly DBA: Tom The Mold Guy) does a great job, and I definitely recommend them.  I am a Realtor, and recently I had a situation with a rental property where a mold test was needed quickly. Tom was able to work this appointment into his schedule, and come out to do the…

Water Intrusion Example

Mold Assessment & Water Intrusion

Mold Assessment Customer Comments One of the key components to mold remediation is proper mold assessment.  Take note of some feedback we received from a customer. “Tom, Thanks so much for performing the air quality test and a thorough inspection/quote of the needed work. I enjoyed speaking with you and appreciate all the time you…

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Mold Remediation – A Customer’s Perspective

If you are looking for an honest opinion on what your mold problems are, Tom is the guy 1. Tom knows his stuff, works safely, has high quality work.