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I think I have a mold problem in my house What should I do Violet Frog Roswell Alpharetta

I think I have a mold problem in my house. What should I do?

There are a number of different aspects that are important to understand about mold, and how mold grows in indoor environments. Understanding the characteristics about mold will help you develop a effective strategy to combat it Mold spores are too small to be seen by the naked eye. Only when mold grows in significant quantities and colonizes on various surfaces can it be seen without the aid of magnification such as microscopes used in laboratories. It is important to understand...
University of Maryland College Students Fear Mold in Dorms Led to Adenovirus Death

University of Maryland College Students Fear Mold in Dorms Led to Adenovirus Death

A freshman at the University of Maryland died of complications from adenovirus on Nov. 18, raising concerns across the College Park campus as eight more students have contracted the illness. Olivia Paregol had a cough early in the school semester, and over the next few months her health continued to decline. The 18-year-old eventually developed pneumonia, and was in and out of the emergency room in the days before her death. The University of Maryland Health Center confirmed her death...
Can I Use Chlorine for Mold Abatement

Can I Use Chlorine for Mold Abatement?

Can I use Chlorine Dioxide for Mold Abatement? Chlorine dioxide mold abatement is a method of mold removal that many people have used in their homes and office buildings. Chlorine dioxide is a registered chemical for use in sanitizing manufacturing and laboratory equipment. It helps in mold abatement and removal by killing all the bacteria in an area that could lead to the growth of mold. Chlorine dioxide mold abatement does work and the levels at which it is used...
ACAC certification CMRS 2019 Treatment for Mold Remediation Alpharetta Roswell

What Are the Steps of Mold Remediation?

What steps of Mold Remediation are necessary to remove the mold in your home? Mold isn't an issue you can kick down the road if you care about the health of the resident. Lungs, allergies and the immune system all take a hit daily when living in a home with mold. Step One: You really need to identify the source of moisture causing the mold. Assessing mold growth involves more than just looking at what's visibly growing on the floors,...
Does Mold Exist in Every House FAQ Mildew Violet Frog Roswell Alpharetta 30076 30075

Do All Buildings Have Mold?

All buildings, either residential or commercial have mold spores present. Mother Nature sees to that. Mold enters buildings in a number of ways – each time a door or window is opened, carried in on shoes, clothing and deliveries. When we understand that all buildings contain some level of mold that is the first step in understanding how mold can affect us. Once you understand that all buildings contain mold, the next question is: how do I know if I...
Picture of black mold

How To Select a Good Mold Remediation Contractor

Finding a good mold remediation contractor can be more challenging then most people realize.   We have a number of suggestions that are based on over 30 years of construction experience to help you find a competent individual. The individual should have verifiable experience which includes training and  "certifications". In order to find a good mold remediation contractor some effort is required today. unfortunately for consumers there are far too many individuals today which have "make believe" certifications and this trend is...
Picture of black mold

Foundation Cracks Can Lead to Black Mold

We place injector “ports “along the crack, We seal the crack with eproxy, and we inject the crack with expanding  polyurethane sealant. $995. Minimum charge.  Foundation cracks can allow water to intrude and create conditions necessary for black mold to grow rapidly in basements. In order for mold to grow, excessive water, moisture, or humidity is necessary. If you want no mold in your basement or crawl space, then preventing water and moisture from intruding (more…)
ACAC Certification, Mold Remediation Certification

ACAC Certification, Mold Remediation Certification

ACAC Certification CMRS 2019 Tom Talen Violet Frog Tracy Nirenberg l Financial Administrator American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) PO Box 1000, Yarnell, AZ 85362 | Tel: 888-808-8381 | Fax: 888-894-3590 Not just a Certificate - A Professional Accredited Certification! EARN RECERTIFICATION CREDITS ONLINE! Contact us now to find out how we can help. CMRS Council-certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Council-certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor CMRS The American Council for Accredited Certification offers the...
Air Sampling A Condominium in Atlanta

Air Sampling, How Does It Work?

How Does Air Sampling Work? Check Out This Condominium in Atlanta How does Air Sampling work? and should I have air sampling done? This article discusses the how's and why's. Why air sampling?  Shouldn't I just be able to "smell" if there is mold in my home?  I am not sneezing so how can there be mold in my condominium? (more…)
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Do Mildew Odors Mean I Have Mold?

Do Mildew Odors Mean I Have Mold? When mildew odors or "musty" type odors are detected, some type of mold or other fungus is typically actively growing within a building.  When mold is in a "growth cycle" many types of molds emit microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC's). It is these types of compounds (gases) which emit detectable orders.  Typically , mold spores themselves do not emet detectable odors. Visual mold assessments alone are a unreliable  method of ascertaining the microbial...
Black mold surface test

Can Black Mold in My House Make Me Sick?

Black Mold surface sample Can Black Mold in My House Make Me Sick? A home owner in Roswell Georgia told me that she recently had black mold removal work performed in her basement. The owner was concerned about her health. She wondered if her health conditions might be related to toxic black mold exposure. Her question was: "Can black mold in my house still be making me sick?" (more…)
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How To Know If You Have House Mold

How To Know If You Have House Mold The first step is to perform a competent house mold assessment: Determining IF you have house mold is the first step; and if there is a problem, what is the extent of it. This may sound easier than it actually is because: (more…)
Mold and water intrusion testing

A Personal Recommendation

Professional Mold Testing Tom Talen from Violet Frog, recently received a much appreciated recommendation from Anthony DeRosa from EMSL.  EMSL is a laboratory that provides testing for air and surface dust samples for microbial detection.  They are a company that has offices nationally. (more…)
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Paying it Forward – Happy Holidays!

Over 5,000 meals and 10,000 Christmas gifts provided for poor children today. It was a good day in San Antonio de Belen Costa Rica. Hundreds of volunteers started at 6 AM to provide snacks, meals, entertainment and gifts to over 5,000 (more…)
Picture of mold on framing lumber

Structurally Drying Homes and Buildings

Structurally Drying Homes and Buildings How soon after I suffer a water loss should I get the structure dried out? The best answer is as soon as possible. Nothing good occurs by waiting or delaying structural drying processes. According to the CMHC, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Canada's equivalent to The United States FHA organization), (more…)
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Water Intrusion Repairs – A Customer’s Perspective

Water intrusion can quickly escalate mold growth.  Without the correct tools and professional approach a water intrusion can turn into a major nightmare.  Residential customers are not typically prepared for a water intrusion emergency.  Even if you are prepared there are times when the problem is so big you just do not have the right equipment to handle the job.  When unchecked, water leaks can lead to major structural damage and provide an active environment for mold growth. Note the...
Picture of mold on framing lumber

Water Intrusion in Crawlspace – A Customer’s Perspective

mold growing in basement Water Intrusion Commercial Customer Comment: (more…)
picture of surface mold test

Water Intrusion Repairs & Mold Testing

Mold Testing: (more…)
Picture of: Mold colonies visible on the wall

What is Mold?

What is Mold? (more…)
Picture of black mold

What Does “Toxic Mold” Refer To?

  "Black Mold" pictured on basement wall surface.Air Sampling is also pictured. What Does "Toxic Mold" Refer To? (more…)
Picture of man performing mold remediation cleaning

Mold Remediation – A Customer’s Perspective

cleaning and removing mold from kitchen surfaces If you are looking for an honest opinion on what your mold problems are, Tom is the guy 1. Tom knows his stuff, works safely, has high quality work. (more…)
Picture of : Sub floor pictured, After hardwood floor had been removed in order to perform proper structural drying and odor remediation

Does a “Musty” Odor Indicate I have a mold problem?

Sub floor pictured, After hardwood floor had been removed in order to perform proper structural drying and odor remediation Musty odors in residential structures typically indicate mold growth, but not always. Generally, when people detect "musty" odors they are smelling microbial volatile organic compounds otherwise known as MVOC's. When mold is in a "growth cycle" many species of mold emit  MVOC's, this is typically what is detected in the structure. Normally, excessive: moisture, humidity or water are necessary...
Picture of: Mold colonies visible on the wall

Mold Testing – A Customer’s Perspective

Illustration of Mold on a Wall   Violet Frog (formerly DBA: Tom The Mold Guy) does a great job, and I definitely recommend them.  I am a Realtor, and recently I had a situation with a rental property where a mold test was needed quickly. Tom was able to work this appointment into his schedule, and come out to do the testing the very next day. Just this week, I used Tom's services again, and in this instance...
Water intrusion ceiling stain

Roofing Water Intrusions Can Lead to Microbial Issues

water stains visible due to water intrusion from roof   I had mold on the upstairs bedroom ceiling and thought that I needed a new roof. After Tom's inspection, it turned out that I only needed (more…)
Picture of infrared thermography device

Removing Mold and Bad Odors

Infrared Thermography Used to Detect Water Intrusion Just Say No to Bad Odors Bad odors and musty odors raise a red flag no matter what.  Masking them with other chemical or air fresheners will not eliminate the main problem especially is it is mold related.  See a customer's comments below on how Violet Frog was there to help. I kept smelling a musty, moldy smell in my rental home; no one else could smell it.  Tom...
Water Intrusion Example

Mold Assessment & Water Intrusion

Water Intrusion Example Mold Assessment Customer Comments One of the key components to mold remediation is proper mold assessment.  Take note of some feedback we received from a customer. "Tom, Thanks so much for performing the air quality test and a thorough inspection/quote of the needed work. I enjoyed speaking with you and appreciate all the time you took to explain things to me! After talking things over with my wife and looking at our budget,...
Close up view of termite

Fix Water Intrusions Fast To Avoid Costly Property Damage

Water Intrusion Damage Close up view of termite destroyed board Termite damage to boards Water damage if  unchecked can lead to conditions that attract damaging insects such as termites & microbial activity. The following pictures are of water intrusion/termite damaged lumber used in a basement wall system along the exterior foundation wall; complete removal, mold remediation and the replacement of building materials was necessary to complete costly repairs. water intrusion/termite damaged lumber
Water Intrusions and Roof Repairs

Water Intrusions and Roof Repairs

Rebuilding chimney due to multiple water intrusions; all siding and flashing replaced. Water Intrusions and Roof Repairs Detecting Multiple Water Intrusions It is not uncommon to experience multiple water intrusions.  We recently repaired a chimney which had  6 separate areas where water was intruding from, (more…)
Certified Mold Remediation Companies in Roswell & Alpharetta Violet Frog

Certified Mold Remediation Companies in Roswell and Alpharetta

List of Every Certified Mold Remediation Specialist Servicing Alpharetta and Roswell If you are considering a contractor, and they are not certified, then you should choose someone else! Ryan Showers Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. Roswell, GA 30075 404-304-5814 CRMR Thomas Talen Violet Frog Roswell, GA 30076 678-671-6648 CMRS Dallas Gamble US Inspect Roswell GA 30076 770-804-0640 CRMI Erik Braunstein Safety Net Home Inspections Marietta GA 30068 770-500-7407 CRIE Jeff Sciullo ServPro of North Atlanta Alpharetta GA 30004 404-261-2925 CMR Margaret...