Mold Testing Near 10760 Avian Dr Alpharetta, GA 30022

Mold Testing Near 10760 Avian Dr Alpharetta, GA 30022

When to inspect for mold?

Every time a home is bought or sold it should be inspected for mold. People assume that if they cannot see mold then it isn’t present. That’s not true. Mold can hide in walls and floors and the mold will create toxic gasses making people sick. People will live for years fighting poor health not knowing that it is the hidden mold that is the cause of the problem.

There is no way to know what kind of water damage may have happened in the house you are planning to buy. The only way to find out if mold is present is with a mold inspection. If the house was sitting vacant without HVAC running, then there is a good chance heavy humidity created mold in the porous surfaces of the walls, a drop ceiling or carpet. You really need to get the home tested before putting your family at risk.

The most credentialed mold inspector in North Atlanta is Tom Talen with Violet Frog. He is an environmental specialist. Fully licensed and insured.

How much would a mold inspection cost for Mold Testing Near 10760 Avian Dr Alpharetta, GA 30022?

The cost of a professional mold inspection is just under $500 and can be done in an afternoon. This includes two lab tested samples and the peace of mind that the air in the home is healthy to breathe.

This home was last purchased around 9/30/1998 for about $176,500 and should probably request an extra test considering the size of the home. The standard test includes two tests. Extra tests are $75 each.

Mold Testing: Air Samples

Air samples in 10760 Avian Dr can be taken and analyzed in a variety of ways. The most common method uses a “spore trap” and is called a “spore trap sample.” Spore traps work by having a known volume of air pass impact a sticky surface as it passes through the spore trap sampling device. When the spore trap is sent to the mold testing laboratory here in Georgia for analysis, the mold laboratory opens the spore trap, applies some stains to the sticky surface that the mold spores can absorb, and then identifies and quantifies the types of mold spores captured during the sampling process. There are other methods of mold sampling, including culturing or growing the mold spores captured from the air, but these are less commonly used. Violet Frog only uses top highly certified labs for quick and reliable results. 

10760 Avian Dr Alpharetta, GA 30022: Purchased in 9/30/1998 for around $176,500

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