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Removing Mold and Bad Odors

Infrared Thermography Used to Detect Water Intrusion

Just Say No to Bad Odors

Bad odors and musty odors raise a red flag no matter what.  Masking them with other chemical or air fresheners will not eliminate the main problem especially is it is mold related.  See a customer’s comments below on how Violet Frog was there to help.

I kept smelling a musty, moldy smell in my rental home; no one else could smell it.  Tom came out and did a complete inspection, including air quality samples.  I was not crazy, there were actually traces of mold.  He knew exactly how to treat the mold, explained the entire process to me and then actually showed up on time on the day promised.  The best part is that after the two-day process, he and his team patched and painted the effected ceiling and matched the paint so perfectly that I can’t even see where the work was done.  What a tremendous job.  I can only imagine the repair & consulting work they do.  They are courteous, professional and did a very effective job. Thanks Tom.

Tammy S. Atlanta