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How To Select a Good Mold Remediation Contractor

Picture of black mold

Finding a good mold remediation contractor can be more challenging then most people realize.   We have a number of suggestions that are based on over 30 years of construction experience to help you find a competent individual. The individual should have verifiable experience which includes training and  “certifications”. In order to find a good mold…

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Removing Mold and Bad Odors

Picture of infrared thermography device

Just Say No to Bad Odors Bad odors and musty odors raise a red flag no matter what.  Masking them with other chemical or air fresheners will not eliminate the main problem especially is it is mold related.  See a customer’s comments below on how Violet Frog was there to help. I kept smelling a…

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Mold Testing – A Customer’s Perspective

Picture of: Mold colonies visible on the wall

  Violet Frog (formerly DBA: Tom The Mold Guy) does a great job, and I definitely recommend them.  I am a Realtor, and recently I had a situation with a rental property where a mold test was needed quickly. Tom was able to work this appointment into his schedule, and come out to do the…

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