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How To Select a Good Mold Remediation Contractor

Picture of black mold

Finding a good mold remediation contractor can be more challenging then most people realize.   We have a number of suggestions that are based on over 30 years of construction experience to help you find a competent individual. The individual should have verifiable experience which includes training and  “certifications”. In order to find a good mold…

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Can Black Mold in My House Make Me Sick?

Black mold surface test

Can Black Mold in My House Make Me Sick? A home owner in Roswell Georgia told me that she recently had black mold removal work performed in her basement. The owner was concerned about her health. She wondered if her health conditions might be related to toxic black mold exposure. Her question was: “Can black…

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Does a “Musty” Odor Indicate I have a mold problem?

Picture of : Sub floor pictured, After hardwood floor had been removed in order to perform proper structural drying and odor remediation

Musty odors in residential structures typically indicate mold growth, but not always. Generally, when people detect “musty” odors they are smelling microbial volatile organic compounds otherwise known as MVOC’s. When mold is in a “growth cycle” many species of mold emit  MVOC’s, this is typically what is detected in the structure. Normally, excessive: moisture, humidity or water…

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