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Do Mildew Odors Mean I Have Mold? When mildew odors or “musty” type odors are detected, some type of mold or other fungus is typically actively growing within a building.  When mold is in a “growth cycle” many types of molds emit microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC’s). It is these types of compounds (gases) which…

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Structurally Drying Homes and Buildings

Picture of mold on framing lumber

Structurally Drying Homes and Buildings How soon after I suffer a water loss should I get the structure dried out? The best answer is as soon as possible. Nothing good occurs by waiting or delaying structural drying processes. According to the CMHC, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Canada’s equivalent to The United States FHA organization),

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Water Intrusion Repairs – A Customer’s Perspective

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Water intrusion can quickly escalate mold growth.  Without the correct tools and professional approach a water intrusion can turn into a major nightmare.  Residential customers are not typically prepared for a water intrusion emergency.  Even if you are prepared there are times when the problem is so big you just do not have the right…

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Does a “Musty” Odor Indicate I have a mold problem?

Picture of : Sub floor pictured, After hardwood floor had been removed in order to perform proper structural drying and odor remediation

Musty odors in residential structures typically indicate mold growth, but not always. Generally, when people detect “musty” odors they are smelling microbial volatile organic compounds otherwise known as MVOC’s. When mold is in a “growth cycle” many species of mold emit  MVOC’s, this is typically what is detected in the structure. Normally, excessive: moisture, humidity or water…

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