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Foundation Cracks Can Lead to Black Mold

Picture of black mold

We place injector “ports “along the crack, We seal the crack with eproxy, and we inject the crack with expanding  polyurethane sealant. $995. Minimum charge.  Foundation cracks can allow water to intrude and create conditions necessary for black mold to grow rapidly in basements. In order for mold to grow, excessive water, moisture, or humidity is…

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Water Intrusion Repairs – A Customer’s Perspective

Violet Frog team member

Water intrusion can quickly escalate mold growth.  Without the correct tools and professional approach a water intrusion can turn into a major nightmare.  Residential customers are not typically prepared for a water intrusion emergency.  Even if you are prepared there are times when the problem is so big you just do not have the right…

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Mold Assessment & Water Intrusion

Water Intrusion Example

Mold Assessment Customer Comments One of the key components to mold remediation is proper mold assessment.  Take note of some feedback we received from a customer. “Tom, Thanks so much for performing the air quality test and a thorough inspection/quote of the needed work. I enjoyed speaking with you and appreciate all the time you…

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Water Intrusions and Roof Repairs

Water Intrusions and Roof Repairs Detecting Multiple Water Intrusions It is not uncommon to experience multiple water intrusions.  We recently repaired a chimney which had  6 separate areas where water was intruding from,

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