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What Does “Toxic Mold” Refer To?

The term “Toxic Mold” refers to molds that produce “mycotoxins” such as: Stachybotrys Chartarum (“Black Mold”), Aspergillius, Penicillium and numerous others.

  • Not all molds produce mycotoxins.
  • “The main problem with the presence of mold in buildings is the inhalation of mycotoxins”, according to that CMHC, (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, similar to our FHA).
  • “After a flood or major leak, mycotoxin levels are higher in the building even after it has dried out”, according to CMHC.
  • Molds that produce mycotoxins can pose serious health risks to humans as well as animals.
  • I personally have suffered “Aspergillosis” which is a serious lung condition when I was exposed to significant levels of aspergillosis in a basement, interestingly, the aspergillosis was not visible to the human eye however, it’s presence was clearly indicated from the air sampling that I conducted and the subsequent laboratory analysis.
  • Frequently, it is the presence of mold that you do not see that is hidden in wall, floor & ceiling cavities that presents the greatest health threat.
  • By the time you see visible mold colonies that are present on building materials in occupied areas of the building, frequently there are far more numerous and extensive mold colonies which are hidden from view in areas that do not receive HVAC conditioned air.
  • Air sampling is a useful tool to determine the quality of air, and to detect the presence of mold spores.


Black Mold and air sampling

“Black Mold” pictured on basement wall surface.
Air Sampling is also pictured.


Black mold and other mold species pictured