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Foundation Cracks Can Lead to Black Mold

Picture of black mold

We place injector “ports “along the crack, We seal the crack with eproxy, and we inject the crack with expanding  polyurethane sealant. $995. Minimum charge.  Foundation cracks can allow water to intrude and create conditions necessary for black mold to grow rapidly in basements. In order for mold to grow, excessive water, moisture, or humidity is…

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Do Mildew Odors Mean I Have Mold?

Air sampling picture

Do Mildew Odors Mean I Have Mold? When mildew odors or “musty” type odors are detected, some type of mold or other fungus is typically actively growing within a building.  When mold is in a “growth cycle” many types of molds emit microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC’s). It is these types of compounds (gases) which…

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Can Black Mold in My House Make Me Sick?

Black mold surface test

Can Black Mold in My House Make Me Sick? A home owner in Roswell Georgia told me that she recently had black mold removal work performed in her basement. The owner was concerned about her health. She wondered if her health conditions might be related to toxic black mold exposure. Her question was: “Can black…

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Structurally Drying Homes and Buildings

Picture of mold on framing lumber

Structurally Drying Homes and Buildings How soon after I suffer a water loss should I get the structure dried out? The best answer is as soon as possible. Nothing good occurs by waiting or delaying structural drying processes. According to the CMHC, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Canada’s equivalent to The United States FHA organization),

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