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University of Maryland College Students Fear Mold in Dorms Led to Adenovirus Death

A freshman at the University of Maryland died of complications from adenovirus on Nov. 18, raising concerns across the College Park campus as eight more students have contracted the illness. Olivia Paregol had a cough early in the school semester, and over the next few months her health continued to decline. The 18-year-old eventually developed…

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Can I Use Chlorine for Mold Abatement?

Can I Use Chlorine for Mold Abatement

Can I use Chlorine Dioxide for Mold Abatement? Chlorine dioxide mold abatement is a method of mold removal that many people have used in their homes and office buildings. Chlorine dioxide is a registered chemical for use in sanitizing manufacturing and laboratory equipment. It helps in mold abatement and removal by killing all the bacteria…

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What Are the Steps of Mold Remediation?

ACAC certification CMRS 2019 Treatment for Mold Remediation Alpharetta Roswell

What steps of Mold Remediation are necessary to remove the mold in your home? Mold isn’t an issue you can kick down the road if you care about the health of the resident. Lungs, allergies and the immune system all take a hit daily when living in a home with mold. Step One: You really…

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Do All Buildings Have Mold?

All buildings, either residential or commercial have mold spores present. Mother Nature sees to that. Mold enters buildings in a number of ways – each time a door or window is opened, carried in on shoes, clothing and deliveries. When we understand that all buildings contain some level of mold that is the first step…

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How To Select a Good Mold Remediation Contractor

Picture of black mold

Finding a good mold remediation contractor can be more challenging then most people realize.   We have a number of suggestions that are based on over 30 years of construction experience to help you find a competent individual. The individual should have verifiable experience which includes training and  “certifications”. In order to find a good mold…

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